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Marking Registrations as Processed Just Got Easier

On the View Registrations screen, you may now click the 'Processed' checkbox to instantly mark a Registrant as being 'processed.' This has the same effect as calling up a Registration, selecting a Registrant to be modified, and checking the 'Processed' flag on the first registration screen.


New Update Bill-To Utility Added

We've added a new utility that helps you reassign the Bill-To Contacts for a group of invoices, in order to redirect bills to the Key Contact of an organization/company. If you have a custom Contact Attribute that identifies the Billing Contact, we can also easily wire this utility to look for that Contact within the organization. Just give us a call for more details or to set up a custom billing contact flag.


New, Faster Firewalls Installed

This past weekend we completed installation of new firewalls that handle website traffic more than 20x faster than our previous equipment. Just like our servers, this equipment is dedicated for TCS client use only. This gives us maximum control over access security - and system responsiveness isn't diluted by any other SaaS providers' customers.


Find Duplicate Primary Addresses Report

Search results on the Contact Search screen now include a hyperlink to view Contacts that have more than one address flagged as a 'primary' address. You will see the hyperlink 'Contacts with Multiple Primary Addresses Found' just above the search results grid. Click that hyperlink to view a report of those Contacts. The report provides hyperlinks to each Contact record, so you can easily review and update the Contact records.


Contact Connections Display Update

When viewing a Contact who is connected to other Contact records, you may now toggle the grid display between showing the 'Relations' or the 'Categories' for each Contact. Simply click the 'Show Categories' or 'Show Relations' link within the 'Connections' section of the screen.

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