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Major New Feature: Detailed E-Bulletin Click-Thru Tracking

Major New Feature! You can now see exactly which links within your E-Bulletins have been clicked, who clicked them and when. Plus, you can easily follow up with those who either clicked or did not click each link. This is a new feature that you will be hearing more about soon. We will be providing a video overview, and/or an informational session so you can learn more about it. It is also a feature that we need to turn "on" for you.


Duplicate Event Function Enhanced

The 'Duplicate Event' function within 'Set Up Events' has been enhanced. You may now choose the Activities and Reg Forms you'd like to copy. This alleviates the need to go in, after the fact, and 'clean up' all of those items that you do not need - and thus save you time setting up a new Event.


E-Bulletin Queue: Filter By Subject Added

When viewing the E-Bulletin Queue, you may now quickly search and filter on a keyword or words. You'll find a search box at the top of the queued bulletins list. Simply enter a word or phrase and press ENTER. The system will filter the bulletins, showing where your search phrase matches in the message Subject.


Flag Contacts By Uploading Contact Numbers - Enhanced

Under the Admin Menu, there is a utility that allows you to flag Contact records by uploading a text file that contains Contact Numbers. This utility wipes out the User Flag 1 field and then sets it to 'True' for all of the Contacts flagged. It also builds a Saved Search called 'Include By Contact Numbers' to make it easy to select the flagged records. The utility was given a facelift and also updated to expect a field named 'Contact No' in the uploaded text file. Otherwise, it will assume that the first field in each record is the Contact Number.


Tip: Spell-Check Word Choices within the WYSIWYG Editor

Did you know that you can access your browser's spelling options when correcting typos within the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors? Simply hold the Ctrl key and then right-mouse click on the misspelled word. You will be presented with a context menu that shows possible word choices at the top. Click on the correct word to replace your misspelled word. That's it!

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