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[Duplicate] Create & Test, View Completed Input Forms Screens Updated

The 'View Completed Forms' and the 'Create & Test' functions under the Input Forms module have been updated. You'll notice that the screens now follow the same design patterns and functions like when viewing the News Articles or other CMS module indexes...


Click-Thru Re-send E-Bulletin Feature Enhanced

When re-sending an E-Bulletin to recipients via the 'View Statistics' click-thru tracking feature, it is now possible to send either the original e-bulletin, or the most current version of the e-bulletin. This gives you the flexibility to send the same bulletin a second time - or the ability to send an updated bulletin. You will notice this option now appears on the 'Resend E-Bulletins Using Click-Thrus' prompt screen.


Mobile WebSuite2: Now You Can Add, Edit or View Tickler Notes

When you access WebSuite2 using your mobile phone, you are presented with an interface that is streamlined for accessing data on-the-go. If you have not checked it out, be sure to give it a try. Most recently, we added the ability to add, edit or view Tickler Notes when viewing a Contact. (more...)


Allow Users to Update Previously Submitted Input Forms

We've added a new capability to the Input Forms module that allows you to let members edit Input Forms that they previously submitted. For example, let's say that you have a form for submitting the details of a golf outing foursome. With this feature, the user submitting the form would be able to return at a later date and change the names of the people participating, or handicap numbers, etc. (more...)


E-Bulletin Queue: Confirmed/Total Counts Updated

When viewing the E-Bulletin Queue, the logic for the column 'Confirmed/Total' has been updated. For unsent bulletins, the 'Total' now shows '(Estimated)' next to the estimated total number of recipients. On the line below, you can click 'Refresh Estimate' to update that estimate. The actual number of bulletins sent is always based upon the record selection criteria applied at the time the bulletin is broadcast...

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