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Software Updates
Updates are made frequently. For brevity, we've omitted the more technical updates below.


Work with Events & Work with Registrations > Choose Event - Quick Search Window Update

The quick search windows at the top of the 'Work with Events' and 'Work with Registrations > Choose Event' screens have been updated. You may now enter an event number, event tag, or part of an event title. This makes it particularly quick to locate a specific event or group of events. Search results are now filtered, based upon your search criteria. Prior to this change, the search results were not filtered, they were only highlighted if they matched the search criteria.


View Completed Forms > Show/Hide Form Details

When viewing the index of Completed Input Forms it is possible to see every piece of information entered on the form. This feature was previously accessible on the 'Search' screen, by clicking the 'Show Form Details' checkbox. We updated the software so that this feature may now be turned off and on with a click of a button at the top-right corner of the list. Look for the light blue button labeled 'Show Form Details'. Give it a try!


Quick Counts Report > Contact Type Added

The Quick Counts Report now includes a new filter that allows you to select only Person or Organization Contact records. You may also count the Contact Type field. So it is possible to see how many Contacts are 'Person' Contacts and how many are 'Organization' type Contacts.


Invoice Options > Now Supports Multiple Invoice Types

When setting up Invoice Options (Main Menu > System Tasks > System Definitions > Invoice Options), it is now possible to specify more than one Invoice Type for a single Invoice Option. This enables you enter one option record for a group of different invoice types, rather than having to enter a specific option for each Invoice Type.


Address Blocks > 'Committee_Listing' Field Now Fully Supported

The 'Committee_Listing' field is now fully functional within the AddressBlock definitions. The interface guides you through selecting current, past or all committee participation. It also offers a full range of output formatting with line breaks, or commas, as a bulleted list, etc. The individual lines that are output were also sanitized so as not to include extra spaces, commas - and the date ranges are more readable as well. The best way to learn about this functionality is to try it out! If you have committees within your database, try creating a new address block and add the 'Committee_Listing' field. We use this field on membership profile pages in order to display a member's committee participation. Please contact us if you'd like more details on this feature.


Work with CEs > Add a CE > Add Many At Once - Improvement

The 'Add Many CEs at Once' function was re-engineered to dramatically improve performance. For larger organizations with many events and many CEs, the screen now takes a couple of seconds to render. Prior to this, it would take 30-60 seconds.


View Registrations Prompt > Comp Registration Filter - Updated

The 'Work with Registrations > Search Filter' window was updated. The 'Comp Registration' filter options now allow for: 1) only comp registrations, 2) exclude comp registrations, or 3) ignore comp registration flag.


Input Form / Store Order / Registrations > Admin Email > Now Includes Hyperlink to View New Record

Administrator notification emails for new Input Forms, Store Orders and Registrations now include hyperlinks to jump directly to the newly received record. For example, let's say that you receive an email that indicates a registration was submitted. At the top of the email, you'll see the new link to 'View the Completed Registration'. Click that link to jump directly to the final Registration Summary screen of that registration. Be sure to log into WebSuite2 before clicking these links, so you do not have to jump through the Login window first.


Registrations > Add-To-Calendar Added to Final 'Thank You' Screen

End users will now see an 'Add to Calendar' button on the final screen of the Registration process. This button allows them to add a calendar entry to all of the major calendar applications. The Timezone used is based upon the Timezone established with each Event record. This allows end-users to track the correct time in their local Timezone. Note that the 'Add to Calendar' button is also present when viewing Calendar entries. The Timezone is based upon the Timezone specified in the Calendar record. You can set your default Timezone in the Admin Settings. However, the Timezone always uses whatever is specified on the Event or Calendar record. This is a Third-Party plugin we are licensing to provide this functionality and it appears to be the best option available. However, we have noticed that their service is occasionally unavailable. When that happens the 'Add to Calendar' button is disabled and an error message is displayed.


Registrations > Export Multi-Line Data Fixed

When exporting Registration data, user-defined fields can contain multiple lines of text. This text was previously exported using the forward slash character (/) instead of embedded line breaks. This kept the data on a single line. The export software now uses actual newline characters and wraps the fields in double-quotes. This allows programs like Microsoft Excel to import and correctly display it as multi-line data. Excel shows the first line of the data in the cell. But when you click the cell, the cell expands and you can see the multi-line data.


System > Drag to Select Text Fixed

Obsolete program code was removed from several user screens that would prevent text selection by dragging the mouse. For example, when updating a Contact record, it was not possible to click in the Last Name field and then drag to select text. This issue has been resolved by removing the obsolete code that was creating the issue.


Contacts > Email Address Field Expanded to 255 Characters

When maintaining email addresses within the Contacts module, the input field now supports up to 255 characters. This allows for very long email addresses, or for the storage of multiple email addresses, separated by commas.


Registrations > Interface Improvement

When entering Registrations, the input fields are now larger and activity checkboxes may be checked by clicking on the adjacent text. It is no longer necessary to check the checkbox specifically.


Registrations > Companywide Lookup Added

When entering Registrations, the first screen now includes a lookup feature that allows end users to quickly find and register someone at their organization. The 'Register Someone Else at My Organization' prompt displays all of the Contacts at an organization based upon the Relations hierarchy. Inactive members are excluded, as are members who have already registered. You may select a name from the drop-down list and the system populates all of the demographic information on the first registrant screen (including the CEU Contact No). This is a feature that must be switched 'on' in WebSuite2's admin settings. So please contact us if the feature isn't available for your organization. This feature requires that Relations be established between Contact records, as is common in company-based membership organizations.


Registration Error Messages > Display Improvements

When end users do not specify a response in a mandatory registration form field, the subsequent error message(s) that are displayed have been improved. The messages are more succinct and cleanly formatted, removing any embedded HTML that might be present within the activity titles.


Login and Forgot Password Screens Improved

Visual and functional refinements were made to the Login screen and the Forgot Password screen, including improvements for use on mobile devices. The cursor is always immediately positioned in the Login field, to save end users that initial step.


View Photos and Files > 'Get Link' Added

When viewing the Photos & Files index, we've added a 'Get Link' that copies a direct link to the uploaded File. Clicking 'Get Link' copies the full link to the clipboard. You may then paste this link within E-Bulletins, emails and other websites, in order to provide a link to download the file.


Tickler Notes Report Updated

The Tickler Notes Report has been updated. It is no longer necessary to check the 'Include System-Generated' checkbox, if you have selected Tickler Notes with the 'SYSTEM' Keyword.


Registration Form Permissions > Interface Created

The ability to specify which registration forms are available to specific member types has been dramatically improved. A new, easy-to-use interface was built to maintain these complex settings. So it is now possible to make these setting changes quickly and easily. At present, only the TCS Staff are able to access this interface. Please contact us if you need these settings changed.


Work With Registrations > Registration List > Nickname added

When viewing the 'Work with Registrations > Registration List' you will notice that we added the registrant's Nickname field in parentheses to the First Name, if it is different than the First Name field.


Work With Registrations > Choose Event > 'Get Link' Added

When viewing the list of available Events, we've added a 'Get Link' that copies a direct link to the online registration process. Clicking 'Get Link' copies the full link to the clipboard. You may then paste this link within E-Bulletins, emails and other websites, in order to provide a link directly to the online registration.


Work with Input Forms > 'Get Link' Added

When viewing the list of available Input Form templates, we've added a 'Get Link' that copies a direct link to the Input Form. Clicking 'Get Link' copies the full link to the clipboard. You may then paste this link within E-Bulletins and emails, in order to provide a link directly to the input form.


Work with Photos & Files > Filter by Contact No Added

Within 'View Photos & Files', the search window now includes an option to filter by Contact No.


View G/L Trans > 'In Balance' Flag Fixed

The View G/L Transactions report was updated because the 'In Balance' flag might not display properly under a certain set of circumstances. It now functions as expected.


Work with Contacts > Attached Photos and Files > Display Improved

When viewing a Contact record, the 'Attached Photos & Files' section in the lower right-hand corner has been completely overhauled and improved. The most recently added files are shown at the top of the list. The actual file extension is shown (.jpg, .docx, .pdf, etc.). There's more space for the file title, so it spans the fewest lines as possible.


Contacts > Name Badges (Avery 5395 - 8 per page) Updated

The name badge output for Avery form 5395 (which contains 8 badges per sheet) was updated to more accurately align on the page. The bar code field spacing was also adjusted.


Store > Admin Email Setting Updated

The store administrator email address used to be a setting that only TCS admins could change. We recently updated the software, adding this setting under the 'Admin Functions > Advanced Settings'. You'll find the setting under the section labeled 'Store' and the setting is labeled 'Store Administrator Email'.


Contacts > Advanced Search Updated

On the Contacts 'Advanced Search' tab, the 'AND/OR' selector is now working as expected. Prior to this change, the selector would revert back to 'AND' any time a new field was selected, or a drop-down condition was changed.


Invoice Aging Report > Source Sub-Options Added

When running the Invoice Aging Report, you have always been able to select the invoice 'Source' (All, Store, Forms, Events, Generic). But now, for each of these source types, you may select further sub-options. For example, when you select a Source of 'Store', you will be able to further select 'Product Sections' and 'Product Types'.


View G/L Trans > Export Data Prompt Improvements

When exporting G/L data, you'll notice that we have updated this screen so that long field names are no longer cut-off within the 'Available' and 'Selected' field lists. We also updated this screen so that it is easier to read on mobile devices too.


View Completed Forms > Export Data Improvement

When exporting input form data, the data fields are exported in the order that they are defined on the Input Form. Prior to this change, fields were output in alphabetical order by field name.


System > Rename Organization ID Utility Available

As organizations rebrand or merge, there is often a name change too. We now have a utility that enables us to convert your Organization ID to a new one. We also added a redirector utility that allows us to honor links to your old OrgID, by redirecting to your new one. Contact us if this is something you'd like to learn more about.


Registration Forms > Pop-Up Boxes Fixed

The registration form pop-up boxes are now working properly by utilizing the 'Bootstrap' graphics library. From this point forward, all registration forms that utilize pop-ups -must- reside within a Bootstrap-formatted web page.


Contacts > Create Account Screen Updated

The Create Account screen was updated, fixing the formatting for required fields, as well as improving spacing of the city, state, and zip code fields.


Work with Registrations > Export Data Prompt Improvements

When exporting registration data, you'll notice that we have updated this screen so that long field names are no longer cut-off within the 'Available' and 'Selected' field lists. We also updated this screen so that it is easier to read on mobile devices too.


View Invoices > Export Data Prompt Improvements

When exporting invoices data, you'll notice that we have updated this screen so that long field names are no longer cut-off within the 'Available' and 'Selected' field lists. We also updated this screen so that it is easier to read on mobile devices too.


Registrations > See Who's Coming List

If you are using our built-in Events List page, it includes an option for visitors to 'See Who's Coming'. This list of registrants was modified to exclude those marked as 'No Shows' - and they are excluded from the total counts at the bottom of the page.


View Completed Forms > Export Data Prompt Improvements

When exporting input form data, you'll notice that we have updated this screen so that long field names are no longer cut-off within the 'Available' and 'Selected' field lists. We also updated this screen so that it is easier to read on mobile devices too.


Work with Registrations > Choose Event > Quick Search Improved

The same 'quick search' window improvements that were made to the Work with Input Forms screen were also added to the 'Work with Registrations > Choose Event' screen. The quick search window is at the top of screen. It allows you to search by event title or tag. It will also search the event number field as well. Click the 'x' in the green 'Filtered' button, to easily remove the filter. Any time a filter is applied using the quick search window, the 'Past Events' list is automatically opened too.


Work with Input Forms > Search by Title Improved

When working with the 'Create & Test' Input Forms, we've improved the quick search window to be more intuitive and obvious when you have filtered the forms shown. You may now click the 'x' in the green 'Filtered' button, to easily remove the filter. Note also that you may click the 'Form Title' prompt to sort the forms by their title.


Contacts > View Dashboard Updated

The pie charts within the View Dashboard display now show every pie wedge, even those that are very small. These smaller amounts are also included in the chart legends, so you can discern the actual amounts they represent.


Don't Be Fooled! Great Marketing Does Not Equal Great Service

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." ~ Wizard of Oz

Other AMS providers are constantly marketing to our clients, trying to win over their business. Their emails are slick, relentless and promise that if you use their product, your membership growth will be unbelievable, your staff will be ecstatic and you'll save a boatload of money.

The real truth is... great marketing doesn't equal a great service. The responsive, personal service you receive on a daily basis is what really matters. Sure, there are secondary ingredients, like... system speed, reliability and ease of use. But even the best product without great service doesn't endure as an effective solution.

Our marketing strategy is simple: "Treat current clients well and they, in turn, will tell others". That has worked well for over 30 years!

We don't want thousands of clients, like some of our competitors have. And you don't want to be treated like you are one of thousands either! When you need help, you need it promptly! That's the most common complaint we hear from prospective clients shopping for a new solution.

Remember the old adage: "First time buyers buy on price, second time on service."

Thank you for our on-going, excellent business relationship.


Invoice Receipt Online Payment Details Window Updated

When viewing an invoice's online payment details, the credit card number (last 4 digits) and the Payee Company Name are now displayed. Some of the detail items have also been reordered or renamed for accessibility. Note that we do not store full credit card numbers anywhere within our database.


Duplicate Event Function Enhanced - Part 2

When duplicating an existing Event, you may now modify Activity Dates and Activity Times and have those changes trickle down through the newly created Activities, Registration Forms (including drop-down controls) and Activity CEU records.

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