Paid Invoices -> Category Triggers Added

You are probably already aware of the PaidThru date triggers within the invoicing system. These triggers cause the PaidThru date of the Ship-To or Bill-To Contact to be updated once the invoice is paid in full.

This provides a handy way to update PaidThru dates automatically, once full payment is received.

We recently expanded the trigger fields to include the Category, SubCategory1 and SubCategory2 fields.

So when an invoice is paid in full, you can have the system automatically update those category fields.

For example, a new membership application may initially create a new Contact with a category of 'Prospective' or 'Pending'. But when it is paid in full, the Category can be updated to 'Active Member'.

Contact us if you'd like more details about this new feature. You can also review the on-screen pop-up help text too.

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