E-Bulletin Queue: Confirmed/Total Counts Updated

When viewing the E-Bulletin Queue, the logic for the column 'Confirmed/Total' has been updated.

For unsent bulletins, the 'Total' now shows '(Estimated)' next to the estimated total number of recipients. On the line below, you can click 'Refresh Estimate' to update that estimate.

The actual number of bulletins sent is always based upon the record selection criteria applied at the time the bulletin is broadcast.

For example, let's say you queue up a bulletin to send to your annual conference attendees. If fifty new registrants sign up between the time you queue the bulletin and when it is sent, the new registrants will also receive the bulletin. However the 'Total' count shown prior to the bulletin being sent would be fifty below the actual.

With this new update, you can now click 'Refresh Estimate' and you will see the 'Total' count increase by those fifty new registrants.

After the bulletin has been broadcast, the 'Total' column will always reflect the actual number sent.

* * *
When sending E-Bulletins to a Saved Search, the system saves the search criteria when you queue up the bulletin. When it is time to broadcast the bulletins, the system runs the Saved Search as it was when you queued the bulletin.

For that reason, keep in mind that if you change the logic of the Saved Search (i.e. the record selection criteria) after queuing the bulletin, your changes to the Saved Search logic will not impact your previously-queued bulletin. If the Saved Search was incorrect, then you should delete the queued bulletin and re-queue it, in order to incorporate your changes to the Saved Search.

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